Interns and their managers have specific needs,
so we built something to fill them.


Streamline Intern Training

Forget building out a long, pricey training program for a 12 week internship; instead streamline intern learning through modules that teach helpful skills in 6 - 10 minutes.


Building Structure

We provide structure for your managers to build concise projects utilizing a shared learning library unique to your organization.


Track What Matters

We show you how engaged your interns are and how they are performing without pestering your managers with long surveys.


Top tier internships, without breaking the bank

We know you want your interns to do great work, but we also know you have your own full time job. We can help you make sure these aren't a trade off.


Create Projects with a Few Clicks

Create your account, and immediately get access to dozens of premade projects ranging from marketing to web development, and everything in between.

  • Filter the projects by category (ex. Marketing, Sales, Data Analytics, etc)
  • Select a project, rename it, and you're good to go!
  • Can't find one you like? Create a custom one

Automatically provide your interns with helpful resources

We provide guidance and structure for interns so you don't have to, and help you track everything along the way.

  • Checkpoints to break things down into manageable chunks
  • Online Resources to empower interns to pick up applicable skills on their own
  • Full customizability - you can add or take away anything you want!

Forget the surveys, we'll track what matters for you

Surveys are slow, and hard to get responses from. We track everything you need to know about the work that's happening automatically and put it in one place.

  • Track progress in real time, not in weekly or monthly progress updates
  • Give feedback on checkpoints as they're completed
  • Manage a team of multiple interns through one dashboard

Schools & Institutions

Manage Your Entire Internship Program in One Place

Tired of sending out surveys, checking in with your interns' employers, and not having the data to show for your hard work? We've got something for you.

  • Track your entire internship program through one dashboard
  • Get notified when your interns aren't getting enough work
  • Automatically see what interns are working on, and what their managers are saying

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