Success Starts with Onboarding

Your onboarding process sets the foundation for your entire internship program, make sure you are onboarding interns to prep them for success.

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Intern Wellness Still Matters!

Since interns are not in the office, it’s easy to forget remote making sure they have the resources to thrive and be healthy at your organization.

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Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

You’re probably working from home right now, so you know how frustrating it is to feel like no one is communicating with you. Now, imagine you are now your 20 year old self at a new company with that same lack of communication!

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Regular Feedback is Key

When in the office, interns learn a lot from seeing how their managers and other team members react to their work from non-verbal cues. In a remote workplace, make sure you provide a lot more feedback than you do in-person.

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How to Keep Interns Engaged

Interns like any other employee will do their best work when they are genuinely interested in a project. Being responsive to what excites your interns is a great way to make their entire experience more memorable.

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Remote Intern-Manager Match is Still Important!

Just like full-time employees, not all interns work and learn the same way. Because of this, interns need to be paired with managers that complement their workplace personality to help the internship be successful.

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Track! And then track some more...

Now that you aren’t surrounded by your interns everyday it’s harder to put a name to a face. When making decisions about return offers after the internship season, you shouldn’t be guessing about which interns are the best fit.

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Make Sure to Define Success

Your interns will not produce the work that you want them to if you don’t set expectations about what success looks like for your projects.

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Avoid the “Any Questions?” Crickets

We all know the feeling of getting bombarded with questions hours after the meeting even though no one had any questions during the meeting. Here are some strategies to avoid this with your interns.

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It's Not Over Till It's Over...Offboarding

Your interns’ experience matters - and knowing why or why not interns had a good experience working at your company helps you bring fresh ideas to your program year after year.

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